Flash Drives: The Ultimate Portable, Plugable Storage ... and Marketing Tool

flash driveThey fit in your pocket, go anywhere, and can carry up to about a week's worth of music ... or video ... or just about anything. USB Flash drives, based on solid state technology, are one of computing's hottest items. They're also extremely versatile marketing tools. Imagine sending your key clients and hot prospects an audio/video, customized presentation about your company, its services or new products and innovations, contained in a gift that will continue marketing your company as it is used again and again.

Solid State Storage

If you think you're hearing a lot about Flash memory these days, you probably are. Flash memory is a type of solid-state technology, one of the hot new technological advancements in computing today. A Solid State Drive (SSD), which basically means there are no moving parts, works much faster than traditional hard disc drives (HDD).*

Enter the USB Flash Drive

USB Flash drives, Jump drives, Pocket drives, Pen drives, Thumb drives, keychain drives, disk-on-key ... whatever the name, they spell speed and mobility.

flash drivesUSB Flash drives are small, lightweight, removable and rewritable, solid-state storage devices integrated with a USB (universal serial bus) interface. Flash drives are a popular type of portable storage for small digital devices, such as digital cameras. You may know Flash memory products as SmartMedia, CompactFlash, Sony's Memory Stick, PCMCIA memory cards, and memory cards for video game systems. All are a form of Flash memory.

The perfect portable powerhouse

We know that solid state drives are fast and have no moving parts. But USB Flash drives are also small, lightweight and noiseless. They are compact, easy to use and available in capacities up to 64 gigabytes. Connected to your computer, they work like any other drive — except they weigh about as much as a key, are usually smaller than your index finger, and are rugged and durable so you can stick them in your pocket, on a key chain, or hang them around your neck.

Anywhere and everywhere

USB portsUSB ports appear on almost every current mainstream PC and laptop, and some peripherals. Just plug in your Flash drive and go. Many printers now come with a Flash drive included. Pop the card from your camera right in the slot and print vacation photos before you even get home.

Custom flash drives market branded products

The lack of moving parts combined with a durable design make USB Flash drives great marketing tools. They'll hold anything a regular drive will hold: music, video, photos, applications, presentations, etc., and they're more than just great tradeshow goodies.

How can you put these zippy little drives to work?

  • Pre-load your Flash drive with video, slide shows, music or other promotional content — perhaps a video brochure complete with music and narration.
  • Customize drives with your logo, corporate colors and even special shapes for a fun and useful gift. USB Flash drives can be pre-loaded with an auto-run video brochure, or thank you to loyal clients.
  • Pre-loaded, custom Flash drives offer tremendous impact, more than flyers or brochures. USB Flash drives can be programmed to present customized messages or auto-load your website.
  • Use them for training videos that can be distributed with course materials.
  • Your company branded USB Flash drive in the hands of key customers and prospects continues to promote for you every time they use the Flash drive to backup data or transfer some files — real value that they will use again and again.

branded flash driveThis is just the tip of the iceberg. Companies, from small businesses to large industries, seeking a way to stand out from the crowd, are finding new and creative ways to communicate their unique message using Flash drives. Think about your own company's marketing. How would you use a USB Flash drive to tell your company's story? Photos, video, music, maybe all three? Say thanks, present a new product or innovation? How would your key clients like to get an audio/video thank you card on a reusable Flash drive?

*To learn more about how the technology works, see
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