Brochure design …

You want to make a good first impression on prospects and you want them to remember the benefits your company provides. What could be better than a brochure that tells your unique story.

Why, and when, is a brochure a good idea?

Your business must have a way to express the benefits of your products and services in an attractive, compact and concise package. Leave a lasting impression with up-to-date, well-designed company brochures that tell your story in a professional and positive way. Old, outdated materials, photocopied pages of information and quick-print flyers won't leave the professional impression that turns a stranger into a prospect.

Add new brochures when:

• you start a new business — capabilities brochures
• you add a new product or service — product brochures
• you need to tell prospects how great your product or service is — sales brochures
• you have something to tell your prospects — small and big brochures of all types

A brochure is a sales tool.

Your company brochure should give prospects what they need to make a decision about your company, product, or service. A brochure can be a powerful sales tool and an effective way to promote your business. Well-designed brochures make a compelling invitation for prospects to learn more about your products and services.

Lemon Dog Project has the experience, knowledge, and technical skills to help build a strong brand for your company. We can help you with capabilities brochures and product or services brochures, sales materials and direct mail and/or postcards, promotional brochures, and catalogs, event and fund-raising brochures, point-of-purchase and rack brochures.