Effective graphic design and marketing answer your prospects' questions.

What makes your business different? What makes your product or service unique? Why should someone decide to buy from you? What is the story of your unique small business?

Your martketing materials must tell your company's unique story and present it in a well-designed, effective mix of advertising, brochures, direct mail, websites and more. Your potential customers don't know what you can do for them — unless you tell them.

You know what benefits you offer your prospects. So tell them.

Successful marketing materials:

• are well-designed and communicate a clear, consistent message
build brand identity and a professional image
• grab the attention of new prospects and grow customer base
promote the benefits of your company's product or service

From first impression to lasting impression.

Take a look at your company's logo design, marketing materials, business card, company brochures, stationery, web site. Do they present your company in a professional, clear and consistent manner? What image do they convey? Is your marketing message unique? Does it communicate the benefits of your product or service? Does it create the kind of first impression you want? Does it leave the lasting impression you need?

Lemon Dog Project has the experience, knowledge and technical skills to help you build a strong brand for your company.

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