Website review, analysis and user interface consulting…

Get the facts:

Is copy written appropriately for a website?

Do all the components guide readers to take action?

Does the design help convey your message or does it get in the way?

Is your website HTML valid and up-to-date? Does it use cascading style sheets?

Does your website take advantage of social media options?

Is the site search-friendly?

Are you applying usability standards?

With all the talk about search engine optimization, we often work at making a site easy to find, while overlooking the vital importance of the user's experience after he reaches the site. The facts on Web usability indicate that getting a visitor to the site is only the first step. Marketing and communicating on a website are different from what's effective in printed marketing materials.

Another Website is always just a click away.

If you fail to provide the information and experience users need to clearly understand your company or prodcuts, as well as guide them through the site to take action, it won't matter that you get lots of people to your site, because they won't stay long.

Website users vote with their actions. They can easily express their disappointment with a simple click away from your site. And away goes a potential client, a possible sale.

The easy answer ...

The easy answer is to understand what's going on in your visitor's mind. You can begin by learning about how users interact with websites, by following modern guidelines for website usability, and by building a user interface that puts a priority on the user's experience.

It's also important to regularly assess and evaluate your website's performance. Without this data, you're just guessing at what will work. And, according to Dr. Flint McLaughlin at MecLabs, "'Best practices' on the Internet is just pooled ignorance." What's relevent is only what's applicable and workable on your unique website.

Lemon Dog Project has the experience, knowledge, and technical skills to to provide meaningful user interface consulting and implementation of your website, and help you find the weak or problem areas in your website, learn how the user interface impacts your potential for success, create user-centered, task-focused design, and build a content-rich, search-friendly website.