Search engine optimization can help improve traffic to your website.

Many great-looking websites fail to be effective marketing tools simply because no one ever sees them. Designers are often more focused on a cutting edge design than on how search will affect the actual success of the site. Many developers can't wait to try the latest technical fad, even if it may interfere with search. Worst of all is the website designer or Flash animator who creates an entire site in PhotoShop or Flash, and forgets or doesn't understand that the site may not show up in search engine results pages because of it.

Designing for search engine optimization — less is more.

The cold, unpleasant fact is that if you are relying solely on organic search (as opposed to paid search) to bring a high quantity of visitors to your site, you will be disappointed. There is nothing that can be done on a webpage that will guarantee high ranking search results. However, there are lots of things that can be done on a page to make it search-friendly.

And this means that there are things you can do, or not do, that will negatively affect search. You've heard the saying "less is more." Some great looking sites are so bogged down in images and scrolling, moving, shouting animation and sound that search engine optimization is nearly impossible.

What is the right design to work with search engines?

The right design or technique does not get in the way of search engine optimization. It is design that helps search engines and visitors find everything your site has to offer in a straightforward, easy to use way. If your site is unclear and confusing to visitors, it will be unclear and confusing to search engines. Focusing actions on making your website useful and informative to visitors will go a long way toward making it search-friendly as well.

Why a certified SEO specialist?

If you will be relying on organic search, be sure your website won't interfere with that. You'll also need to understand the importance of actors outside of your website that have a huge impact on search, such as social media.

Because SEO changes almost daily. Your website designer who read a few articles about search engine optimization last year or worse, copies what someone else is doing, could spell disaster for your site. Beyond simply allowing your site to languish unnoticed, some outdated SEO tricks and hacks can get your site banned from search engines, make you look like a spammer and damage your business.

When you are ready to move beyond the basics to professional search optimization, certified SEO expertise can help ensure your efforts don't go to waste.

Lemon Dog Project has the experience, knowledge, and technical skills to to provide meaningful user interface consulting and implementation of your website, and build a content-rich, search-friendly website. We can also manage your website and provide full search optimization when you're ready.