Good website = good design, good technology, good copy.

Your website needs to be found if is going to be effective. But there is more to getting results than just picking keywords and catering to search engines. Your competitor's site is just a mouse click away. If your website is found but looks bad, is hard to use or understand, fails to provide information, or the technical features don't work, it's not likely to keep visitors for long.

Do you need a Website designer?

Website designers don't always have the training, or even the interest, to delve into the technical side of things or the details of copy writing for search engine optimization. When the focus is on design, technical details, usability and search engine ranking may take a back seat to making the pages look nice.

Do you need an Internet guru / Web developer?

Internet consultants and technicians may not understand how to use type and graphic elements to create a pleasing and user-friendly page. When the focus is on the technology, how the site looks may become a secondary factor to technical gimmicks and tricks, giving you a site that, if found, doesn't look professional or is overly complicated.

Do you need a copywriter?

Writing for the web is a specialized skill that designers and technicians may possess. The most effective sites include high-quality, engaging content that delivers the information visitors seek, while guiding them along the most appropriate path through your website.

You need all three combined in a search engine friendly website:

  • A site that can be found.
  • A site that uses solid, modern optimization techniques instead of outdated tricks that could backfire and get your site banned.
  • A site that once found, is easy to use and understand.
    A site that takes advantage of the latest information on usability and creates a user-friendly interface.
  • An easy to use site that looks professional and makes good use of color, typography and images.
  • A site that is not confusing to users or to search engines.
  • A site that is found more quickly and indexed more fully.

Lemon Dog Project has the experience, knowledge, and technical skills to help build a strong brand for your company. We can help you: evaluate your current site, if you have one; find weak or problem areas in your website design and content; offer visitors a pleasant experience; build a content-rich, search-friendly website; improve usability, design, navigation and optimization.