The best website design does more than make pages look pretty.

The Internet is a completely different medium than print. Marketing your small business online with a website requires a few different skills and a new viewpoint. Good website design is important. Yes, the design of your small business website should look professional and reflect quality. But many of the techniques that work great for static, printed marketing materials often fall short when applied to websites and Internet marketing.

The effectiveness of a website is more important than the design.

The most effective websites go beyond making pages look like printed materials. Techniques that work well in print may actually work against you on a website. The most effective websites are easy to use and take advantage of interactive navigation. They are built with modern, validated HTML (hypertext markup language) and CSS (cascading style sheets). They reduce confusion and clutter, clearly communicating your company's value proposition. The best sites guide visitors through the website and help them make decisions.

As smartphones and tablets are used more and more for reviewing website, it's become more important to create responsive websites that accommodate the differences in display and perform well in all of these various media. In addition, the rising importance of social media should be considered, in order to take advantage of the benefits it brings to search results.

Every business needs a website

As businesses are increasingly found and researched via the Internet, it is increasingly important for all small businesses to have some type of Internet presence. A well-designed, content- and information-rich website that is search engine friendly will benefit any business whether or not that business is involved in e-commerce or Internet marketing.

Lemon Dog Project has the experience, knowledge, and technical skills to help build a strong brand for your company. We can help you: evaluate your current site, if you have one; find weak or problem areas in your website design and content; offer visitors a pleasant experience; build a content-rich, search engine friendly website; improve usability, design, navigation and optimization. We also offer customized website hosting, domains, email, site builders and more.