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Graphic Design & Marketing

Custom logos, graphic design & marketing materials — Company logos, stationery, brochures, advertising and other marketing materials work together to brand and position your small business. Effective graphic design and marketing tell the story of your unique small business in a focused, clear and consistent way. Successful marketing is built on knowing and conveying the benefits that only your business can offer and focusing your brand identity through quality graphic design and solid advertising and marketing principles.

Website Design & Hosting

Custom website design & hosting — To stay competitive, small businesses need to have an Internet presence. But good website design is more than making pages look pretty. A well-designed, content- and information-rich website that is search engine friendly will benefit any business whether or not that business is involved in e-commerce or Internet marketing. Social media, smartphones, tablets all need to be considered along with finding the right hosting technology to provide for customers and prospects.

"I have been searching for someone who has a holistic understanding of how the message, the medium, and the market interact to help me. Furthermore, I think your site is fantastic and SMART. I like the way you THINK about your craft and I would love to have some of that creative energy working for me."
— Nuclear energy consulting firm, Piketon, Ohio

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Lemon Dog uses PDF Snake to prepare our documents for the printing press — works great; easy to use.